Thursday, August 09, 2007

TR 2007

Istanbulda 1 Temmuz'da gerçekleştirilen Onur Yürüyüşü

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Shot at 2007-08-09

Sunday, June 10, 2007

HR 2007

Zagrep'te gay pride bu yıl ilk kez yapıldı

MX 2007

Meksikanın başkenti Meksiko'da gay pride

TA 2007

tayland bankok 2007

IS 2007

israil Tel-Aviv gay parade

PL 2007

Varşova gay parade

RU 2007


SP 2007

Kanarya adaları Maspalomas

AU 2007

Sydney mardi gras

mardi gras


US gay parade 2007

Salt Lake


Long Beach

Brüksel gay parade 2007

Friday, December 08, 2006

Gay Games

bu belgeseli kaçırmayın:

GLBT olimpiyatlarına giden yolun dünü bugünü

İzlanda Gay Parade 2006

Kanada Gay Parade 2006

ABD Gay Parade

11 haziran 2006 Long Island, Huntington

Newyork 2006

San Fransisko 2005

Belgrad Gay Parade 2.2006

tepkili futbol fanatikleri müdahele etse de Belgrad Gay Parade yapılmış :

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Saints and Sinners

Can two men, as Catholic in spirit as they are gay in orientation, marry on their own terms? After nailing down a church and enlisting a gay priest to officiate, the couple thinks they've crossed the biggest of hurdles, but big trouble is still brewing. Folks who heretofore had loved them fine suddenly find their inner fire and brimstone and start wondering if they'll go to hell for participating in or attending a Catholic wedding of gay men officiated by a gay priest. This documentary shows the lengths to which people will go to satisfy their need for love and to show love.

Gay Pride Parade

UNbanned Documentary that Rocked Hillsborough County, Florida

This is the documentary that rocked Hillsborough County in Florida! See for yourself the Gay & Lesbian discrimintation in Hillsborough County Florida. In June 2005 , 5 of the Hillsborough County Commissioners 'ban' Gay & Lesbian Pride in Tampa, Florida. The same five county commisioners 'ban' a Gay & Lesbian book display in a library during June 2005, Gay Pride event. Watch the documentary and see for yourself the ignorance & discrimination that has been allowed to continue for over 5 years.

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